Enhance your raman capabilities

Ultrasensitive SERS substrates for trace chemical and biological analysis

Why use SERS?

Highly Specific

Raman and SERS provide an information
rich spectral "fingerprint' to identify molecules


SERS applications are simple; spectra can be collected and analyzed in a matter of minutes


SERS increases the Raman signal by several orders of magnitude leading to ppm and ppb detection

The Spectra Plasmonics Edge

Superior Sensitivity

Our substrates produce greater overall signal enhancement compared to our competitors.

Cost Effective SERS

Obtain ultra-high sensitivity without an ultra-high price tag.

Wavelength Compatability

Our substrates have been shown to work with a variety of excitation wavelengths in testing. 


Our nanostructures can be modified to improve the association of analytes to the sensing surface which improves the SERS signal. Please contact us for more details.

Our Collaborators

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