SP-Ag SERS Substrate



Our enhancement across analytes is significantly greater than popular competitors on the market.

Repeatable SERS signal

Our SERS substrates are double-checked for quality before shipping, ensuring that your substrates produce high quality SERS signals for the analytes in question.


Our substrate surfaces can be modified with a variety of molecules to improve specificity for certain analytes. We can also modify the shape of the SERS active area or the form factors  surrounding it.


Achieve ultra-high sensitivity without an ultra-high price tag.

Technical Specifications

Spectra Plasmonics SERS Ag Substrate Specifications

The Process

Add Sample

Fast Chemical Detection SERS substrate

Drop-cast analyte, or submerge the substrate in analyte solution and allow the solvent to evaporate.


Raman Spectrometer SERS

Fire the excitation laser from your Raman system to excite your sample.


Chemical Detection SERS substrate

Analyze the enhanced spectral information on your spectrometer’s software.