Drug Checking Device to Combat the Opioid Crisis

The challenges of fentanyl detection

In Canada alone, law enforcement, first responders, and health authorities are faced with thousands of drug samples monthly that are laced with fentanyl and harmful analogues (e.g. carfentanil). Small but harmful quantities of fentanyl and carfentanil are difficult to identify in trace amounts and because of this, accurately assessing the potency risk of a drug sample is not possible without shipping it to a laboratory, which can take several days to receive results.

Spectra Plasmonics will be participating in Health Canada’s Drug Checking Technology Challenge, and will utilize funding from the program to optimize and validate its technology’s opioid detection capabilities.

See Health Canada's official news release on the challenge here.

Detect minute amounts of fentanyl, rapidly and accurately

Spectra’s solution will include a combination of hardware and software to accurately test the composition and safety of drug samples. Most importantly, it will be able to accurately identify fentanyl and analogues in trace quantities. The system will be portable, and able to be used in a simple “sample and shoot” manner requiring minimal training. The device’s software will deliver chemical identity results to the user on a simple digital interface including information as to what substances are found in the sample.